for the good folks who live or play at Lake Sweetwater

>Lake Sweetwater, Texas. 31 July 2015.  Lake Sweetwater has dropped to 28 feet below the spillway after four years of drought and semi-drought. Currently at 13% of capacity, the water depth is only about 16 feet near the dam.   According to a TPWD report, a golden algae bloom in early 2014 killed most sport fish in the lake. Another golden algae bloom occurred in early 2015. The 2015 algae bloom only washed up a few catfish and carp, suggesting that the lake is now barren.

The public boat ramps are unusable. The bait shop is closed.  The golf course is open and in good shape. The municipal swimming beach is open and its restrooms are open. The RV and tent campground below the dam is open - its restrooms are open, usually clean, but long overdue for refurbishment.  The three historic rock picnic buildings, built by the CCC in the 1930s, are in ruins and blocked to public access.

Lake Sweetwater is owned and operated by the nearby city of Sweetwater, Texas.  The lake capacity when full is 4.5 billion gallons.  The widest distance across the lake is about 7,000 feet, and when it is full it covers about 760 acres.  The dam is 350 feet wide at its base and seventy feet high at its highest point, with a twenty-foot closed roadway across its top.


Welcome Friends of Old Lake Sweetwater!